Wine Tracking Enclosures

A company from California called InfinID developed a wine tracking system, so one could easily locate the wine they want using a phone app. They already had this technology developed, they had the PCBs and everything but they hired me to do the final step – design the enclosures for their electronics.
The product was actually 2 products, one that would attach to each wine bottle and one central unit which was basically Raspberry Pi 3 board with a custom shield on it.
So, I had to develop an enclosure that can attach to different sized wine bottles and the case for the custom Raspberry Pi 3.

Yodeling Wine Product Official Website

Below you will see images from the development process, where we went through the following phases:

  • Design in SolidWorks
  • 3D printing in the USA
  • Doing necessary changes
  • Sending files to China for prototype manufacturing
  • Injection molding the parts
Central unit – 3D model in SolidWorks
The Raspberry Pi for which the enclosure is designed
The unit which attaches to the bottle
The very first prototype, if you go to their webpage you can see the final product