Vortex Generators CFD

This is another very cool aviation project I recently did, the goal was to test out whether the vortex generators work at all and if they do then figure out the best possible positioning.

Naturally, we first modeled the KitFox wing exactly as it is, modeled the stolspeed vortex generators as accurate as we could and started playing with their placement at different angles of attack using the CFD tools in SolidWorks.

Section of the KitFox wing modeled in SolidWorks
CFD simulation
Airflow without VGs
Airflow with VGs

This project was also assigned to me by Alex Di Sessa, the same guy that I developed that landing gear for – so I highly recommend that you take a look at his YouTube video with all the details we went through and how we simulated the whole thing, along with a conclusion on how you should place your VGs.

Vortex Generators YouTube video by Alex Di Sessa