The Process

Below you can see the usual process we go through with most of our projects, of course this can vary from project to project and customer to customer – but it is supposed to give you a fairly good overview on what to expect.


Contact us and discuss your idea with us. We are willing to sign an NDA if necessary.


Get a quote for your design needs based on the complexity and the time needed.


This is a formal stage concluding our agreement on the quote and the timeline.

Conceptual Solution

We brainstorm together with our customers to make sure we are on the right track.

Partial Payment

Depending on the type of project, partial upfront payment may be needed.


At this stage we do all necessary engineering analysis by hand or using software.


Creating detail-rich CAD files used for prototyping and manufacturing purposes.

Complete Payment

After we deliver the CAD files the payment is finalized from the customer’s side.


We 3D print a prototype for you or send you STL files ready for printing.


We provide a reasonable amount of changes to the design after prototyping.

Mass Manufacturing

We guide you and connect you with our manufacturing resources from China.

Presentation Material

We supply you with presentation material like realistic images and animations.

Product Launch

If you need marketing material for your Amazon Store, we can assist you there too.


We like to keep in touch with our customers, you can count on our long-term support.