KitFox Landing Gear

The KitFox has an installed spring gear made from Aluminum 7075 – T6, which has no shock absorption capacity, but works as a spring only by deflecting to the sides upon airplane landing. Because many pilots that own these experimental airplanes want to do bush landing on places where using this current gear makes the landing rough by transmitting too much vibration to the airplane fuselage – that is why we wanted to develop this new mechanism.

Initial idea for the design

The fact is that many people have these exact airplanes with exactly the same or similar landing gears and that is why basic idea is to install shocks to this design by making the least amount of changes to the landing gear itself. If possible, it would be ideal to design a system that is universal and can be used with with a wider range of landing gears and one that the user can install himself using only threaded fasteners without doing and welding, cutting or other invasive and labor-intensive changes.

I would like to mention that I designed this landing gear for Alex Di Sessa and his own KitFox (the RedFox), Alex helped me along the way by giving me many of the needed input parameters and physical airplane measurements. The rights of this design belong to him only, so if you are interested in seeing how the whole design process went – check his YouTube videos below.

The video that has the whole design process included
Installing the landing gear on the RedFox
Testing the landing gear
Optimization of the mechanism of the landing gear
Stress simulation on the mechanism of the landing gear
Flow simulation, testing the drag of the new gear
Realistic rendering of the landing gear
The landing gear installed on the KitFox (actually, the RedFox)