Gear Systems

In this post I will upload samples of three gear machines / products I have developed. These are:

  • Gearbox designed using KISSsoft/KISSsys
  • Rosin Press designed for a client from USA
  • Sugar Cane juicing machine designed for a client from South America

Actually the gearbox design was an assignment from university where we had to calculate and develop a gearbox using the KISSsoft/KISSsys software. It is a really nice piece of software that helps you automate gearbox design.

Preview of the system
Preview of the forces in one of the shafts
Diagram of the forces on the same shaft

The rosin press was designed for a client from the USA, it is a mechanical press with heated plates.

Overview of the whole thing, the plates are heated using electric heaters that are installed on the inside of them
The design of the mechanism
The press all assembled

The sugar cane juicing machine already existed but my client wanted to make it smaller and more portable, so he basically gave me the gear sizes and I redesigned it for him so he can build a smaller version of it.

The 3D design inslide SolidWorks
Front view
Back view
Covered with sheet metal