Furniture Design

This is a small project I did for myself, after looking at desks and wardrobe closets for my bedroom I decided I want to design and build my own work desk and wardrobe closet.

I did the designs in SolidWorks, made realistic renderings using KeyShot to see if I like how it would look like, did the plywood optimization using an online service called CutList Optimizer, ordered the metal tubes for the desk and then with some help it was all assembled together. Below you can see the 3D renderings of how I had drawn it and below them, images of the actual furniture in my bedroom. I am quite happy with the design.

The welded structure modeled in SolidWorks
Realistic preview of the desk
The desk as a finished product
Wardrobe cabinets rendered in KeyShot
Cabinets assembled together, slightly changed from previous image

If anyone is interested in building these products for themselves, feel free to contact us, we are willing to share the 3D data where you can see all dimensions for all the elements.