DC Servo Matlab/Simulink

The modeling and simulation of dynamic systems is a really interesting subject because one can find out how a system would behave in real life by describing it mathematically or in other words creating a mathematical model which then in turn can be used for a simulation of the whole system by giving it inputs and reading the outputs.

In this case I have simulated a DC servo mechanism where on the input I add voltage and measure the output rotational velocity of the motor. The simulation is done in Matlab/Simulink and the whole process is documented in a PDF file in Macedonian language, I am working on having it translated but for now I will upload that version.

Complete project in PDF

The process of modeling and simulation of dynamic systems includes the following steps:

  • We have a physical system we want to simulate
  • We create a simplified physical model from it
  • From the physical model we develop a mathematical model
  • We use the mathematical model to build the Simulink model
  • We enter all the parameters of that describe the system
  • We simulate and observe the results
Physical model of the DC motor
Physical model of the DC servo system
Transfer function where we have the voltage as input and rotational speed as output, this function is developed from the differential equations that describe the system