Conveyor Belt

Coal needs to be transported from one to another location to supply a thermal power plant, there is a requirement to design a transport system for this use – this includes the design of a conveyor belt and the design of a suitable speed reducer. In this paper we will go through the whole procedure of solving all the problems that arise from the requirements including the choice of pulleys, idler pulleys, transport belt, motors, reduction ratio, design of a structural frame and so on and thus we will generate a kind of guide for the design of such systems.

A conveyor belt is a large upfront investment but it actually has many advantages compared to other methods of transport, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Low cost of operation
  • Good efficiency
  • Large capacity of transport
  • Easy to control
  • Robust design
Idler rollers of our conveyor belt

The power plant that we need to supply with coal is a 600 MW power plant that is separated into three blocks, each one being 200 MW, so we need to calculate the mass flow of coal needed for such a power plant.

The structure of the conveyor
Close up at one of the segments
All of the elements of the conveyor

If you are interested in the calculations we did to come up with this design, feel free to download the whole project documented in English language from the link below.

Conveyor Belt Calculations

3D Model of the Conveyor Belt